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Once I waved my home goodbye, I just want to go back to my roots

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Eva Rivas
13 July
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I've grew up in Rostov-na-Donu.
From 7 years I've sung in the children's choir.
From 9 to 17 years, sung in the choir of the Armenian song Arevik.
Aged 13, I've participated in the Delphic Games where I've won the silver medal.
In 2005, at age of 16, I was a participant of the festival Song of the Year
of Armenia, which is held annually in Moscow, where I've taken first place.
At age of 17 I've moved to Moscow, took part in the competition of Channel One Five Star.
In December 2008 I have been signed by producing center Armenia production for a 5 years contract.
I am practicing vocals with maestro Ruben Matevosyan.

Eva Rivas: "Eurovision is a contest, which I was trying to reach for few years, this is my dream.
I now feel that I am on the right track, I'm full of confidence and I know that nothing can knock me from the correct path.
I fell in love with the song already when the producer sent me very rough version of the melody, and from the very first listening I've heard that it is made for Eurovision. Every year I have been listening to the songs,
which were winning at Eurovision and was impressed whether it is so difficult to write a quality song?
Each year, the winner was selected from one extreme to the other. I was afraid that song that will be written for, will be imposed, but once again I was made sure
that nothing will be imposed without my personal consent."

Social capital

  • less than 10